The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of meeting the schedule has been forgotten

Quality testing is not always about finding bugs or simplifying code, however, it’s also about focusing on every possible detail of a system and ensuring it’s fulfilment to the most extreme quality standards. We at Katsam Soft, dedicatedly target to deliver the bespoke quality and testing solutions deploying enthusiastic personnel for each project. In order to accomplish successful results, we work with an approach to craft potent solutions with eventual resource versatility and utter product knowledge.

Our testing experts always seek an opportunity to maintain high quality at minimized costs while testing for web and mobile applications in a variety of domains, with the combined selection of testing tools, different platforms, and rigorous testing techniques.

Our expert and professional team of testing tests to make your system secure avoiding any vulnerabilities and dependability. Our team goes beyond testing and developing based on excellent coding standards, script optimization while monitoring logs, examining behaviour and applying appropriate test cases to prevent performance disruptions.

Our QA experts always ensure any critical details which may disrupt the business operations assuring you the confidence of well operated automated systems with the efficient testing approach and strategy to fulfil your business requirements.

Our testing team relies on main components of the IoT and database system providing you the cost effective solutions with the tool-based approach and cross-platform prowess fulfilling the functionality and connectivity for all your business needs and purposes.

Servicing Projects across Lifespan

We inculcate quality into your product and application lifecycle at any stage of your project. Depending on your requirements, Katsam Soft is competent for identification of existing flaws through our absolute QA and testing packages, providing project rescue, support and enhancement of your product as per your necessity.

360º Testing
We furnish QA and testing services along the overall development lifecycle, which includes integration testing, regression analysis, black / white box testing, sustainability testing, performance testing, stress testing, localization testing and user acceptance testing.
Project Rescue
Our team of professionals are well proficient at rescuing mid-lifecycle projects. We are in the ability to help you get things back on track and retrieve a project in instability. Katsam Soft puts together astute strategies and brilliance while quickly identifying problem areas and fortifying your app code.
Product Analysis
Our team of dedicated QA experts compel leading and more trusted test methodologies and techniques while successfully developing your product as it is the vital role of us to deliver the world class quality product.
Support & Enhancement
Katsam Soft is capable of contributing continuous support and enhancement services in an ongoing effort to further ameliorate your software and make it run as steadily as possible after going live.